Sunday, March 6, 2016

Volunteers needed for bird ringing in East Russia

Releasing a Yellow-breasted Bunting Emberiza aureola after ringing © Ulrich Schuster

The Baikal Bird Ringing Station (BBRS), situated near the Baikalsky State Nature Reserve at the famous Baikal Lake, and the Amur Bird Project (ABP), based at Muraviovka Park along the middle stream of the Amur River, are searching for volunteers.

The BBRS is working from April to October, trapping migrating birds with a funnel trap and mist-nets on the shore of Baikal Lake. Experienced ringers are needed for April and from July to October. You can find all details here (pdf).

The Muraviovka bird ringing station of the ABP is working during autumn migration from the 1st of August until the end of October. Birds are trapped with mist-nets, and crane counts (up to six species!) are conducted on their roosting sites. We still need volunteers for the peak time from the end of August until October. Unless you are from Russia, you should be able to come for at least six weeks. University students who would like to do their thesis within our project are very welcome.

Why not make the best of it and visit both stations? You can enjoy two days of wilderness while travelling by train from one site to another. Please contact Yury Anisimov (BBRS) janisimov{ät} or Wieland Heim (ABP) amurbirding{ät}

Important note: For both stations you need to cover your flight costs and a small daily fee for accomodation/food by yourself. Students might have a chance to get a scholarship.