Sunday, July 27, 2014

ABP 2014: Week 1

Black-browed Reed Warbler - a common breeder at Muraviovka Park. All photos © Marketa Tichackova
The first ABP team members arrived on Friday at Muraviovka Park - but without me. While Friedrich and Susi received their visa in time, I had to cancel my flights and will hopefully be able to start my eastward migration during the next week.
But Marketa, the Czech ringer, continued the mist-netting activities. This is what she found:

"I caught only 55 birds (8 retraps) more until 25th of July. We had one day with heavy rain, and two days with smog from fires in Yakutia. Not so many Thick-billed Warblers like before, and even one day without them. No special species were recorded, only the local breeders - but one funny bird: a Wryneck! And I caught my first Azure-winged Magpie. Also interesting was a family of Brown Shrikes."

The Wryneck - a funny bird indeed
Azure-winged Magpie, 1Y
Brown Shrike

We will see what the next week will bring - migration of Leaf Warblers and Flycatchers should start very soon.