Monday, September 1, 2014

ABP 2014: Week 6

Oriental Scops Owl in the morning sun © Julia Schröder
Mass migration has started! Nearly 1000 birds have been ringed during the last week. The first days have been quite windy, with few captures, but some very nice observations: the first Ashy Minivets were seen, as well as a Red-necked Phalarope,  a migrating Asian Dowitcher and an Asian House Martin - those three species were never before observed within the Amur Bird Project. More and more ducks can be noticed at Kapustikha lake - the hunting season has started, and for waterfowl the lake in front of Muraviovka Park´s headquarters is the only save place around. Most numerous are Mallards, with up to 600 individuals. But also endangered species, like 20 Falcated Ducks, were seen. Conditions are also good for cranes this year, and there is a roosting site in the middle of the Park: we counted up to 84 incoming White-naped Cranes in the evening.
On Tuesday I arrived back in Blagoveshchensk, after a long journey from Tokyo through South Korea and Khabarovsk. In town I met with my team and our Russian friends, to celebrate Friedrichs and Susis last day. Juliana and I also used the time to prepare the upcoming video, to continue our Videoblog. So since Wednesday there are only the four of us at the Park - and more than 200 trapped birds each day! Among them many new species, like Eastern Crowned Leaf-warbler, Rufous-tailed Robin, Siberian Thrush and Mugimaki Flycatcher. While the majority of the Thick-billed Warblers has left, our new dominating species is now the Siberian Rubythroat, with hundreds of birds ringed. The numbers of Black-faced and Yellow-browed Buntings are also increasing, and the first Little and Yellow-throated Buntings occured. Good to know, that new helpers will arrive next week...


Amur river from beyond... © Wieland Heim
...and at the promenade in Blagoveshchensk © Wieland Heim
Rufous-tailed (or Swinhoe´s) Robin © Julia Schröder
Siberian Thrush, adult male, showing the beautiful underwing pattern © Julia Schröder
White-backed Woodpecker - this adult female was ringed by us in May 2013 © Julia Schröder
the first Eurasian Jays were ringed, too © Julia Schröder
Eastern Water Rail, 1Y © Julia Schröder
one of the week´s highlights: the 4th record of Eastern Crowned Leaf-warbler for Muraviovka Park © Julia Schröder
Mugimaki Flycatcher, 1Y male © Julia Schröder
bird bag washing day © Wieland Heim
a pair of White-napes Cranes © Friedrich Eidam
Siberian Roe Deer - they better should hide during hunting season © Friedrich Eidam
Eastern Spot-billed Duck © Friedrich Eidam
Upland Buzzard © Friedrich Eidam

25.08.-31.08.2014, Total traps: 970 birds out of 49 species
Rubinkehlchen Siberian Rubythroat Соловей-красношейка 434
Gelbbrauen-Laubsänger Yellow-browed Warbler Пеночка-зарничка 122
Dunkellaubsänger Dusky Warbler Бурая пеночка 59
Maskenammer Black-faced Bunting Седоголовая овсянка 53
Streifenschwirl Pallas´s Grasshopper-warbler Певчий сверчок 37
Gelbbrauenammer Yellow-browed Bunting Желтобровая овсянка 36
Brauenrohrsänger Black-browed Reed-warbler Чернобровая камышевка 34
Dickschnabel-Rohrsänger Thick-billed Warbler Толстоклювая камышевка 27
Zwergschnäpper Red-breasted Flycatcher Восточная малая мухоловка 23
Wanderlaubsänger Arctic Warbler Пеночка-таловка 17
Lasurmeise Azure Tit Князек 13
Feldsperling Eurasian Tree Sparrow Полевой воробей 9
Rauchschwalbe Barn Swallow Деревенская ласточка 8
Wendehals Eurasian Wryneck Вертишейка 7
Rötelammer Chestnut Bunting Рыжая овсянка 7
Amurdrossel Grey-backed Thrush Сизый дрозд 7
Braunwürger Brown Shrike Сибирский жулан 6
Middendorff-Laubsänger Two-barred Warbler Двупоясковая пеночка 6
Karmingimpel Common Rosefinch Обыкновенная чечевица 6
Strichelschwirl Lanceolated Warbler Пятнистый сверчок 5
Bartlaubsänger Radde´s Warbler Толстоклювая пеночка 5
Spießbekassine Pintail Snipe Азиатский бекас 4
Braunschnäpper Asian Brown Flycatcher Ширококлювая мухоловка 4
Ussurilaubsänger Pale-legged Leaf-warbler Бледноногая пеночка 4
Meisengimpel Long-tailed Rosefinch Урагус 3
Schwarzkehlchen Common Stonechat Черноголовый чекан 2
Eisvogel Common Kingfisher Обыкновенный зимородок 2
Sumpfmeise Marsh Tit Черноголовая гаичка 2
Elster Common Magpie Сорока 2
Bekassine Common Snipe Бекас 2
Eichelhäher Eurasian Jay Сойка 2
Zwergammer Little Bunting Овсянка-крошка 2
Schwirrnachtigall Rufous-tailed Robin Соловей-свистун 2
Chinarohrsänger Oriental Reed-warbler Восточная дроздовидная камышевка 1
Gebirgsstelze Grey Wagtail Горная трясогузка 1
Pallasammer Pallas´s Bunting Полярная овсянка 1
Dschungelnachtschwalbe Jungle Nightjar Большой козодой 1
Azurelster Asian Azure-winged Magpie Голубая сорока 1
Rohrammer Reed Bunting Камышовая овсянка 1
Fahldrossel Pale Thrush Бледный дрозд 1
Davidbuschsänger Siberian Bush-warbler Малая пестрогрудка 1
Orient-Zwergohreule Oriental Scops-owl Восточная совка 1
Bruchwasserläufer Wood Sandpiper Фифи 1
Kronenlaubsänger Eastern Crowned Leaf-warbler Светлоголовая пеночка 1
Mugimakischnäpper Mugimaki Flycatcher Таежная мухоловка 1
Schieferdrossel Siberian Thrush Cибирский дрозд 1
Wasserralle Water Rail Восточносибирский пастушок 1
Weißrückenspecht White-backed Woodpecker Белоспинный дятел 1
Gelbkehlammer Yellow-throated Bunting Желтогорлая овсянка 1