Monday, August 25, 2014

ABP 2014: Week 5

many Eurasian Wrynecks have been trapped throughout the last week © Friedrich Eidam
While I visited the 26th International Ornithological Congress in Tokyo, my team continued the work at Muraviovka Park. But they had to struggle with unusual high numbers of aggressive wasps and biting bats at the mist-nets - problems we never had in the years before. Nevertheless, they made some good efforts - the impressive nocturnal migration of the Siberian Rubythroat hast started and they trapped the very first adult male Siberian Blue Robin.
Duck migration has also started, and more than 500 individuals are gathering now on Kapustikha lake in front of the headquarters. Among them have been up to 6 Eastern Spot-billed Ducks (most likely a family), 22 Baikal Teal and an early Common Goldeneye.

a young Common Cuckoo - rarely trapped © Julia Schröder
1Y Pied Harrier © Friedrich Eidam
a family of Spot-billed Ducks © Friedrich Eidam
the first Hooded Cranes are on their way © Friedrich Eidam
seasons first Pale Thrush, a first-year bird © Julia Schröder
a thunderstorm is coming... © Julia Schröder
already the second Japanese Quail in 2014 © Julia Schröder
young visitors at the ringing station © Julia Schröder

My week was also succesfull - I gave a presentation about the impact of fire on bird migration based on our data from the last three years at Muraviovka Park. Furthermore, a lot of new contacts and collaborations have been established, which will allow us to go the next step with the Amur Bird Project. Together with scientists from Russia, Korea, Japan, China and Taiwan and new bird tracking techniques we are hopefully going to explore the almost unknown migration routes of Passerine birds in East Asia.
26th International Ornithological Congress in Tokyo - closing ceremony © Wieland Heim
together with Olga Valchuk (Vladivostok), Pavel Ktitorov (Sachalin) and Andrey Mukhin (Rybachy) © Wieland Heim


18.08.-24.08.2014, Total traps: 737 birds out of 45 species
Rubinkehlchen Siberian Rubythroat Соловей-красношейка 192
Dickschnabel-Rohrsänger Thick-billed Warbler Толстоклювая камышевка 103
Streifenschwirl Pallas´s Grasshopper-warbler Певчий сверчок 61
Dunkellaubsänger Dusky Warbler Бурая пеночка 54
Brauenrohrsänger Black-browed Reed-warbler Чернобровая камышевка 37
Gelbbrauen-Laubsänger Yellow-browed Warbler Пеночка-зарничка 34
Wanderlaubsänger Arctic Warbler Пеночка-таловка 31
Braunwürger Brown Shrike Сибирский жулан 29
Zwergschnäpper Red-breasted Flycatcher Восточная малая мухоловка 21
Middendorff-Laubsänger Two-barred Warbler Двупоясковая пеночка 17
Maskenammer Black-faced Bunting Седоголовая овсянка 15
Feldsperling Eurasian Tree Sparrow Полевой воробей 15
Schwarzkehlchen Common Stonechat Черноголовый чекан 11
Mandschurenammmer Ochre-rumped Bunting Рыжешейная овсянка 11
Karmingimpel Common Rosefinch Обыкновенная чечевица 10
Strichelschwirl Lanceolated Warbler Пятнистый сверчок 10
Wendehals Eurasian Wryneck Вертишейка 9
Rötelammer Chestnut Bunting Рыжая овсянка 7
Chinarohrsänger Oriental Reed-warbler Восточная дроздовидная камышевка 6
Kohlmeise Northern Great Tit Большая синица 5
Spießbekassine Pintail Snipe Азиатский бекас 5
Gelbbrauenammer Yellow-browed Bunting Желтобровая овсянка 5
Gebirgsstelze Grey Wagtail Горная трясогузка 5
Lasurmeise Azure Tit Князек 4
Braunschnäpper Asian Brown Flycatcher Ширококлювая мухоловка 4
Goldschnäpper Yellow-rumped Flycatcher Желтоспинная мухоловка 3
Mandschurendommel Schrenck´s Bittern Амурский волчок 3
Pallasammer Pallas´s Bunting Полярная овсянка 3
Amurdrossel Grey-backed Thrush Сизый дрозд 3
Dschungelnachtschwalbe Jungle Nightjar Большой козодой 3
Ussurilaubsänger Pale-legged Leaf-warbler Бледноногая пеночка 2
Rauchschwalbe Barn Swallow Деревенская ласточка 2
Azurelster Asian Azure-winged Magpie Голубая сорока 2
Orientturteltaube Oriental Turtle-dove Большая горлица 2
Bergfink Brambling Юрок 2
Blaunachtigall Siberian Blue Robin Синий соловей 2
Eisvogel Common Kingfisher Обыкновенный зимородок 1
Sumpfmeise Marsh Tit Черноголовая гаичка 1
Meisengimpel Long-tailed Rosefinch Урагус 1
Spornpieper Richard´s Pipit Степной конек 1
Rohrammer Reed Bunting Камышовая овсянка 1
Japanwachtel Japanese Quail Японский перепел 1
Bartlaubsänger Radde´s Warbler Толстоклювая пеночка 1
Kuckuck Common Cuckoo Обыкновенная кукушка 1
Fahldrossel Pale Thrush Бледный дрозд 1