Monday, August 11, 2014

ABP 2014: Week 3

this years August team and ABP´s 20.000th trapped bird: a Yellow-browed Warbler © Wieland Heim
The week started with the arrival of Friederike and Julia, two students from Germany, and Laszlo, bird ringer from Hungary. And they came just in time: during all week weather conditions were perfect - sunny and calm days with clear nights. We started to trap during the night, too, using tape-lure, and the first Eurasian Skylark and Siberian Rubythroats were trapped. In general, most of the species seem to be two weeks earlier than last year - we already trapped many Yellow-browed Warblers and Red-breasted (Taiga) Flycatchers. Juri, a volunteer working for Muraviovka Park since many years, helped us to get fuel and made our car working again. So we checked several lakes and mudflats in and around the Park, but failed to find Baer´s Pochard. But the waders were noteworthy: we found Sharp-tailed and Terek Sandpipers as well as Long-toed and Red-necked Stints, and even in our mist-nets we got some, like Common, Green and Wood Sandpipers. In total we catched more than 500 birds during the last week, including the Amur Bird Projects 20.000th trapped bird! Next week we will have our Bird Ecology Summer School, so stay tuned for the update.


a very early Brambling © Friedrich Eidam
ABP´s first ringed Common Sandpiper © Friedrich Eidam
always a good catch: Schrenck´s Bittern © Friedrich Eidam
the first visitors came to our ringing station © Julia Schröder
Friedrich had to fix our old bikes at least once a day © Wieland Heim
Friedi and the Japanese Quail... © Wieland Heim
...a beautiful male. At least six are still calling around the headquarters each morning © Wieland Heim
Susi and a first-year Eurasian Sparrowhawk © Wieland Heim
watching waders © Wieland Heim
the place were found Baer´s Pochard in 2013. White-winged and Common Terns are still breeding here © Wieland Heim
our old friend, Long-tailed Rosefinch XP87825: this bird was ringed by an American ornithologist at the Park in 2009 and was re-trapped by us several times each year © Wieland Heim

04.08.-10.08.2014, Total traps: 522 birds of 42 species
Dickschnabel-Rohrsänger Thick-billed Warbler Толстоклювая камышевка 144
Streifenschwirl Pallas´s Grasshopper-warbler Певчий сверчок 45
Brauenrohrsänger Black-browed Reed-warbler Чернобровая камышевка 36
Braunwürger Brown Shrike Сибирский жулан 36
Gelbbrauen-Laubsänger Yellow-browed Warbler Пеночка-зарничка 33
Dunkellaubsänger Dusky Warbler Бурая пеночка 25
Rötelammer Chestnut Bunting Рыжая овсянка 23
Ussurilaubsänger Pale-legged Leaf-warbler Бледноногая пеночка 23
Maskenammer Black-faced Bunting Седоголовая овсянка 21
Zwergschnäpper Red-breasted Flycatcher Восточная малая мухоловка 18
Goldschnäpper Yellow-rumped Flycatcher Желтоспинная мухоловка 14
Rauchschwalbe Barn Swallow Деревенская ласточка 11
Braunschnäpper Asian Brown Flycatcher Ширококлювая мухоловка 10
Meisengimpel Long-tailed Rosefinch Урагус 8
Rubinkehlchen Siberian Rubythroat Соловей-красношейка 7
Wanderlaubsänger Arctic Warbler Пеночка-таловка 7
Feldsperling Eurasian Tree Sparrow Полевой воробей 6
Karmingimpel Common Rosefinch Обыкновенная чечевица 6
Chinarohrsänger Oriental Reed-warbler Восточная дроздовидная камышевка 6
Gelbbrauenammer Yellow-browed Bunting Желтобровая овсянка 6
Spießbekassine Pintail Snipe Азиатский бекас 4
Eisvogel Common Kingfisher Обыкновенный зимородок 3
Rußschnäpper Dark-sided Flycatcher Сибирская мухоловка 3
Sumpfmeise Marsh Tit Черноголовая гаичка 3
Elster Common Magpie Сорока 2
Kohlmeise Northern Great Tit Большая синица 2
Schwarzkehlchen Common Stonechat Черноголовый чекан 2
Mandschurendommel Schrenck´s Bittern Амурский волчок 2
Middendorff-Laubsänger Two-barred Warbler Двупоясковая пеночка 2
Bruchwasserläufer Wood Sandpiper Фифи 2
Strichelschwirl Lanceolated Warbler Пятнистый сверчок 1
Rohrammer Reed Bunting Камышовая овсянка 1
Bergfink Brambling Юрок 1
Flussuferläufer Common Sandpiper Перевозчик 1
Feldlerche Eurasian Skylark Полевой жаворонок 1
Sperber Eurasian Sparrowhawk Перепелятник 1
Buntspecht Great Spotted Woodpecker Большой пестрый дятел 1
Waldwasserläufer Green Sandpiper Черныш 1
Japanwachtel Japanese Quail Японский перепел 1
Kleinspecht Lesser Spotted Woodpecker Малый пестрый дятел 1
Orient-Zwergohreule Oriental Scops-owl Восточная совка 1
Bartlaubsänger Radde´s Warbler Толстоклювая пеночка 1